For generations, country people have been making fruit cordials as a way of preserving summer fruits to enjoy over the winter months. Our range of naturally delicious cordials are made using the same traditional methods. They contain masses of pressed fresh fruits, freshly-picked flowers and cooked spices so they taste deliciously real and they dilute up to 1:10. They do not contain any artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.

Pressé 25cl

Our single-serving Pressés are all made with lots of real fruit juice, blended with fresh spring water. They’re made from all-natural ingredients and contain nothing artificial so they taste natural, refreshing and delicious: that’s why we say they’re 100% good!

Pressé 75cl

Every bit as naturally delicious and refreshing as the smaller bottles, our larger bottles of Pressés are great for sharing, or for keeping in the fridge at home. Make sure to stock up if you’re planning a party!


Belvoir cans are perfectly portioned drinks for one, in a convenient can. They’re made with lots of lovely, fresh fruit juice blended with fresh spring water. They make excellent mixers for your favourite tipples, too.

Craft Mixers

Cold-infused with fresh citrus, our versatile craft mixers blend beautifully into G&Ts, vodka tonics or whatever takes your fancy. And they don’t have a drop of anything artificial – so your drinks will be jazzed up by 100% natural, refreshing deliciousness. What will you mix next?