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Elderflower Harvest 2018!

With the first whiff of Summer comes the excitement of the forthcoming harvest…

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Today is #nationalpinkday so we'll mostly be drinking Elderflower & Rose Presse today! 💕 #pink #elderflower #rose #sparkling #softdrink #madeforgoodtimes #fridayfrolicking ...Elderflower picking is great fun for all the family! Find out more about how you and yours can help our harvest over on our website... <link in profile> #elderflower #harvest #familyfun #siblings #madeforgoodtimes

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Growing pains

Elders – they’re the bane of gardeners everywhere. They seem to grow in all the places you don’t want them.  Particularly in gardens.  And it’s murder trying to get rid of them because whatever you do to them, year after year, they just keep coming back. But elders make elderflowers and, from our point of view, they’re […]