A Cordial Cake for Every Occasion, by Lisa Faulkner…

A Cordial Cake for Every Occasion, by Lisa Faulkner…

Now that spring is firmly here, it’s time for us to start planning our summer elderflower harvest. The nights are still chilly, but the days are definitely milder and we’re hoping for a bumper crop this year to make lots of naturally lovely elderflower drinks. The harvest is unbelievably hard work, but it’s also definitely a time of celebration and this year we have enlisted the help of chef and food writer Lisa Faulkner to celebrate the harvest in style, with a cordial cake fit for every occassion!

Lisa, winner of Celebrity Master Chef in 2010 and author of four recipe books, says: “Everyone loves a cake and I think it’s important to always find a reason to celebrate even if it’s just to toast life and spending time with your friends and family.  I’ve developed these recipes using Belvoir’s delicious Elderflower Cordial to add a wonderfully subtle, floral fragrance and natural sweetness.  For me, it’s the taste of summer all year round.”

Every tea-time deserves a show stopper and this cake is so pretty it’s a winner every time!

Elderflower, Lemon & Poppy Seed Layered Cake

belvoir_elderflower_lemon_poppy_seed_cake_opt01_whole_cake_with_bott... (004)

To make the celebration complete, try adding a dash of Belvoir Elderflower Cordial to a glass of fizz or just enjoy a refreshing glass of lightly sparkling Belvoir Elderflower Pressé.


For unexpected guests when you need to impress in a hurry; or maybe you need to sneak off and enjoy an indulgent few minutes away from the chaos try this…

Elderflower Bakewell Mug Cakes

belvoir_elderflower_bakewell_mug_cakes_opt01_whole_with_bottle (004)

…ready in 15 minutes and scoffed in even less! This is heaven in a mug!! And just perfect with a glass of Belvoir’s Raspberry and Lemon Cordial to complement the rich raspberry jam; delicious!