Make the most of your food with a drink

Make the most of your food with a drink

In January this  year, a new pop-up bar opened in Edinburgh.  Called Dry Bar, it was a huge success and there was much clamour for it to re-open when it reached the end of its six-week run.  Its USP?  It didn’t sell a drop of alcohol.  But it served delicious food and matched this with the best soft drinks the owners could find.

Many of us don’t want to drink alcohol with our meals (or at least, not every night!) but knowing what soft drinks to pair with particular recipes, like sommeliers matching wines to foods, is tricky.  If you get it wrong you can end up ruining even the loveliest of meals.

It’s a conundrum that has intrigued super-chef Gill Meller at the famous River Cottage.  Over the winter we worked with Gill to find the best food pairings for our pressés, taking into consideration things like acidity and sweetness, to make sure that both parts of a meal bring out the best in each other.

It’s been a fascinating process – for example, our Elderflower Presse goes extremely well with Thai, Japanese and Chinese food because the drink’s floral notes can take the bite out of anything that is too salty. Conversely, our freshly Squeezed Lemonade is perfect for very sweet dishes – its slight sharpness stops the food becoming too cloying.  To read Gills’ full tasting notes, and tips on pairing, simply click here.

We hope you have as much fun experimenting with different flavours as we have done!