Hangover-free January

Hangover-free January

Dry January.  It doesn’t sound much fun, particularly after all the jollity of the Festive Season.  But a month of alcoholic abstinence doesn’t have to be dull and boring.  It’s just a case of snuggling up in front of Netflix for 30 days to take your mind off the lack of Sipsmith or pinot grigio.  Think of it as a visual anaesthetic.

Or, alternatively, you could get hold of our Wines Without the Hangover range and carry on life as normal, but without any of the pain of the morning-after-the-night-before. We’ve developed three delicious drinks which reflect the subtle and multi-layered flavours that you find in good wines – but our versions have no alcohol in them.

Our Belvoir Shiraz, which won a 2017 Great Taste Award, provides a perfect accompaniment to red meats and even curries.  Our sparkling Belvoir Rose is lighter with a crisp, floral flavour which makes it a great aperitif, while our Belvoir Chardonnay has a complex taste that matches fish and chicken dishes well.  You can find all of them via Ocado and Sainsbury’s.

What is more, they have no added sugar, so you can tick off two New Year’s Resolutions in one, result!

So, we raise a toast to Dry January – happy drinking!