New for 2018!

New for 2018!

One of our favourite jobs each year is coming up with new flavours.  Like any  creative process, we never quite know at the start how our ideas will germinate and blossom.  Sometimes there are a few false starts, but there’s always lots of laughter and we even get to crack open a bottle of gin or vodka now and again (purely for scientific reasons, of course) to test how our new drinks mix with an alcoholic tipple.

It’s particularly complicated because we only use natural ingredients and each batch, whether it’s freshly pressed cucumbers or hand-sliced ginger, can taste subtly different from the one before.  And that can have a massive effect on the finished product.  However, with over 30 years’ experience of hand-making natural drinks, we know exactly how to bring out the best in every flavour.


This year we have some cracking new drinks: BOTANICAL JUNIPER & TONIC is made with a unique blend of eight botanical extracts including juniper and elderflower along with soft, gently sparkling spring water.  Designed to be drunk on its own as a non-alcoholic alternative to gin & tonic, it has a  complex and aromatic taste, which is both sophisticated and crisp.

We’ve also created a variation on one of our perennial bestsellers – LIGHT GINGER BEER has all the same great flavours as our Ginger Beer but with 30% less sugar.  We blend our own root ginger infusion with pressed ginger juice, carefully balanced ginger extracts which add a touch of chilli heat and finished with soft, gently sparkling spring water.

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Our PINK GRAPEFRUIT PRESSE has a refreshing, zingy citrus blend of grapefruit juice with lemon and orange, and a touch of aromatic botanical lemon thyme. It has a balance of sweetness and tart sourness, along with the gentle acidity typical of grapefruit.  A hint of aromatic botanical lemon thyme and no added sugar makes this a very popular aperitif.

RHUBARB & APPLE PRESSE tastes like summer in a bottle – a delightful blend of tart rhubarb juice with sweet apple, finished with a touch of aromatic cardamom. For anyone who prefers to mix their own drinks, our ORGANIC ELDERFLOWER & ROSE CORDIAL is a lovely scented blend of fresh elderflowers and real rose petal extract which dilutes to make a beautifully scented and delicately flavoured drink.  For more of a punch, try our ORGANIC LEMON & MINT CORDIAL which has a really refreshing citrus flavour.  Made with hand-picked lemons and garden mint, it has a wonderful clean, crisp finish.

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