Reflecting on the 2019 Elderflower Season

Reflecting on the 2019 Elderflower Season

Well we made it through the season, with plenty of challenges along the way from the unpredictable English weather which kept us guessing on a daily basis! However our enthusiastic pickers, good flower yields and some exciting TV and radio coverage made it all worth while!

Cold, dry winter weather wasn’t an ideal start to the year, and worse still this unsettled pattern continued into spring. The elderflower was understandably confused by the unseasonal temperatures and drought which ran into May, unsure whether to stay in bud or flower!

Despite some improvement towards the end of the month, it was short lived and the elder was battered again by cool weather and prolonged heavy rain in the second week of June.

Typically resilient the elderflower blossomed, though a little patchy in places, and the Belvoir team and our fabulous pickers soon got into their stride. Our drop off points were busy and against the odds we exceeded previous totals at our Sacrewell drop off point.

There were other highlights too, with renewed interest in the harvest from both radio and television. Pev Manners our Managing Director relishes these occasions and featured on the radio shows Kitchen Cabinet and the Food Talk Show as well as local stations.

On TV we were delighted to be part of Saturday Kitchen and the forthcoming Nadiya Summer Special on BBC 2, which were both great fun despite the solid rain! Our elderflower presse received a Tried and Tested award from Good Housekeeping, so all in all much to celebrate and be proud of.

So as ever a huge thank you to our incredible pickers for their stamina, enthusiasm and good humour when bringing in the elderflower harvest, and we look forward to welcoming you again next year.

We’re already planning our next elderflower season so if you’d like to join our team of pickers, or have been involved already and have ideas and thoughts to share, please get in touch with our Elderflower Manager Andrea on 07935 901408 or e mail