• British Beekeepers Association (BBKA)

    In 1874 – the British Beekeepers Association was instituted “For the Encouragement, Improvement and Advancement of Bee Culture in the United Kingdom”. Today BBKA membership stands at a strong 25,000+ but with the uncertain future of beekeeping owing to the various threats including climate change, pesticides and the possible incursion of the Asian Hornet, honey bees and beekeepers are grateful for all our support; thank you for your help in raising nearly £1.8k for them in 2018.

  • Butterfly Conservation

    Butterfly Conservation are delighted to be supported by Belvoir Fruit Farms. Butterflies are amongst our most endangered species, together we need to ensure they continue to grace the British landscape.

    • CEO Martin Warren.

    CHICKS, a national children’s charity, provide respite breaks to disadvantaged children from all over the UK who would really benefit from a break from their home lives, giving them the chance to just be children.

    CHICKS began in 1992 and since then have provided over 15,600 children with a much needed break. In 2018 you helped us raise £2.8k to help them provide their vital breaks – thank you!


  • Children’s Links

    Children’s Links is a national charity providing services for children, young people and families since 1996. They support children, young people and families so that they may shine, feel valued, safe, free and supported to explore and develop to their full potential. We love supporting the work they do; and believe, like them, that working with children and families is #themostimportantwork

  • Faraja Cancer Support Trust.

    The Faraja Cancer Support Trust was founded in 2010 with the aim of providing emotional, practical and healing support to anyone affected by cancer. We are pleased to be suppling Elderflower Presse for their events.

  • Great Ormond Street Hospital

    “Thank you so much for your generous contribution to our Theatres for Theatres Autumn Reception last night… We are so delighted that you also agreed to help with our Christmas event… the drinks fit perfectly for the theme and setting.”

    • Julide Troedson, Events Manager, Major Gift Fundraising, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.
  • Plantlife

    “We think Britain’s wild flora is well worth conserving and are delighted that Belvoir Fruit Farms agrees. Wild plants are wonderful; not just for the beauty they bring to our lives but for the vital role they play in supporting wildlife, clearing our air and water and helping in the fight against climate change. We are grateful to Belvoir Fruit Farms and to all its customers for helping to raise funds to support our conservation work saving Britain’s threatened species and landscapes.”

    • Victoria Chester, Plantlife CEO.
  • St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital

    Every year in Britain, over five million wild animals are injured from their encounters with the human world. Tiggywinkles has been treating and saving wild animals since 1983, including everyone’s favourite: the hedgehog. Over the past year we have been collecting Belvoir bottle tops and turning each and every one into £1, raising a total of £4,000 for Tiggywinkles.