• Pev Manners

    Pev Manners

    Managing Director

    Amateur chef, tennis player and fisherman. Keen on product development and guardian of all that we at Belvoir stand for. Keeps a watchful eye on the marketing and dips his toe into export sales, though that might just be for the business trips to sunnier climes!

  • Dan Freestone

    Dan Freestone

    Business Development Executive

    Checked shirt wearing, Alan Partridge idoliser, amateur golf & football player with an enthusiasm for wrap music. So if you want your range of soft drinks to grow, Dan is the man in the know; he’s not a bore, he knows the score. Tried every flava, feeling the power of the elderflower, so give him a call and let him entertain ya! – AHA!!

  • Hannah Nichols-Pearce

    Hannah Nichols-Pearce

    Account Manager

    She takes centre stage on the netball court, playing a good game weekly; and daily shell take care of all your needs in Off Trade and Convenience. When she shoots she scores, so don’t mess with her, because she has a black belt in Jujitsu too!

  • Nicola Dickins

    Nicola Dickins

    Grocery National Account Executive

    Nicola is no ‘trolley-dolly’ but you will often find her doing a good supermarket sweep, if you can’t find your favourite flavour in your local grocer she’s the lady to speak to! That is when she’s not jetting off somewhere exotic for another holiday, she lives for the sunshine; and when the sun goes down and Autumn leaves fall, you will most likely hear her singing Jingles Bells, Frosty the Snowman, Silent Night… any Christmas song really, it’s her favourite time of year!

  • Serena Smith

    Serena Smith

    Customer Marketing Manager

    Bringing our Brand to life at the point of purchase; so when you lovely customers are tempted to buy our delicious drinks on your weekly supermarket shop when they’re not even on your shopping list (but they should be!), Serena made you do that!! Loves Gary Barlow, Pinot Grigio and Sci Fi (but not in that order!?)

  • Laura Bacon

    Laura Bacon

    Supply Chain Manager

    Laura is our Supply Chain go-to, the link between Sales and Production. A girl in a whirl, Laura likes to spend her free time Spinning, Gyming, and socialising… A LOT!

  • Chris Collins

    Chris Collins

    Operations Manager

    As Operations Manager, Chris likes to think he run’s the show! In more humbler terms he looks after ‘Orders In’  right through to ‘Despatch to customer’ and everything that makes it happen in between. He has worked exclusively in the food ”n’ drink industry since graduation; so you name it, he’s manufactured it, and probably eaten it too! This man eats, sleeps and dreams food ‘n’ drink and plans to run his own diner once he hits retirement.


  • Stephen Bridgens

    Stephen Bridgens

    Finance Director

    Director of all things financial! He brings to the office a voice of calm and reason, always; although we’ve heard it’s been known to slip when failing to control his dog, his motorbike or his skis!

  • Lawrence Moore

    Lawrence Moore

    Sales Director

    Heads up our sales department. Obsessive road cyclist, fan of tennis, a decent red, Danish TV crime series and bow ties. (Don’t ask!)

  • Frank Fitzgibbons

    Frank Fitzgibbons

    Production Director

    Organises the making of everything and cares a lot about quality, magnificent football coach and Liverpool fan too!