Thank you classic British weather for the challenges you presented during the 2019 harvest! Moreover, thank you to our fabulous pickers for rising to the challenge, picking come rain or shine and delivering their valuable floral contributions.

If you were involved in the harvest, this year or previously, or want to come and join us for the first time next year, then please contact our Elderflower Manager Andrea on 07935 901408 or andrea.beddows@belvoirfruitfarms.co.uk who will help with any queries and get in touch with you at the start of the 2020 elderflower season, which is likely to run from the end of May until the end of June.

Some simple but important things to know…

Whether you’re picking just for the fun of it, to fundraise for your charity of choice, or to earn money for yourself, we pay for flower by the kilogram (in 2019 we paid £2.60/kg). We can only infuse elderflower heads in our cordial, so no leaves or long stalks please. The flowers need to be fresh so please deliver them on the same day you picked them as they go brown very quickly and we can’t use them.

You’ll need…

All you need is a clean, single use bin bag to put the flowers in (or a green bag when picking from our organic plantations*) and some strong footwear. We advise you to wear long trousers so you don’t get stung by nasty nettles.

Please note that our Belvoir Vale elderflower plantations are a few miles from the drop off point near Bottesford so you’ll need your own means of transport to bring in your flowers for weighing and payment.

The Countryside code

When picking, do not pick from public places, e.g. church yards, and only pick from land with permission; please respect the countryside code:

  • – Be safe, plan ahead and follow any signs
  • – Leave gates and property as you find them
  • – Keep to the public footpaths in fields where crops are growing
  • – Protect plants and animals and take your litter home
  • – Consider other people
  • – Seek permission from landowners where applicable

Click here for more information on the countryside code.

Where to look for flower

We have our own elder plantations near the villages of Bottesford, Branston, Eaton and Belvoir and location maps can be collected from the Belvoir Fruit Farms’ drop-off point. These are organic plantations* so all the flowers picked here must be collected in the green bags provided on site to differentiate them from hedgerow flower that’s non-organic.

Elder likes it best in un-cut hedgerows, preferably those that catch the sun and are out of the wind. It tends to thrive in tucked away places like canal tow paths, disused railway lines and air strips, or field and woodland edges and corners.

Where & when to take the flowers…

In 2020 we’ll continue to operate our two main-drop off points for picked flowers, at the Belvoir Fruit Farms factory near Bottesford just off the A52 and Sacrewell Farm & Country Centre on the A47 near Peterborough. As in previous years they will be open in the afternoons, 7 days a week.

In addition, we hope to run occasional flower collections in other local areas, so if this is of interest please get in touch.


Belvoir Fruit Farms

CLOSED! Thank you for all the flowers you brought to this drop off point.

Barkestone Lane
NG13 0DH

*N.B. If picking directly from our plantations here in the Vale of Belvoir, please note that they are all Organic and so all pickings need to be put into a green bag to differentiate them; these bags are available to pick up from Belvoir Fruit Farms HQ or in the orange boxes at the sites themselves where our Farm Manager refreshes stocks of them daily. Our plantations are a few miles from our drop off point at Barkestone Lane therefore you will need your own means of transport to bring in your flowers. Maps to our plantations are available at the farm. And last, but not least, no dogs in our Organic Plantations please! Happy picking!!

Sacrewell Farm & Country Centre

CLOSED! Thank you for all the flowers you brought to this drop off point.

(Off the A1/ A47 junction at Wansford)

*Please note there are no elderflower plantations at Sacrewell, it’s only a drop off point for picked flower from elsewhere.

Additional drop off points

If you have suggestions for additional drop off points in 2020, within an hour or so of our Belvoir Fruit Farms factory site, where you’d like to bring picked flower, please contact Andrea our Elderflower Manager on 07935 901408.