Lemon, Lime and Lemongrass Meringue Pie

This English classic, associated with spring and Easter, is scented with Lime and Lemongrass. When you come to pour the filling into the case it will be very runny, but it firms up once it cools, so by the time you top it with meringue it will be nicely firm, lovely and delicious!

Serves 12 Prep time 20 mins + cooling Bake time 30 - 35 mins
Lemon, Lime and Lemongrass Meringue Pie


3 lemons

200g plain flour

100g unsalted butter, cubed

pinch of salt

4 tbsp Belvoir Lime and Lemongrass Cordial

For the filling:

75g cornflour

200g caster sugar

150ml Belvoir Lime and Lemongrass Cordial

3 large eggs

Equipment: 23cm/9in wide 5cm/2in deep loose-based flan tin


1. Make the pastry: finely grate the zest from one of the lemons, place in a food processor with the flour, butter and salt and blitz until it looks like breadcrumbs. Alternatively, place the dry ingredients in a bowl and rub in the butter using your fingertips.

2. Add the cordial to the pastry crumb mix and blitz in the processor or stir in with a knife, until the mixture comes together and forms a ball. Wrap and chill for 20 mins.

3. Finely grate the zest from the other lemons and place in a pan with 300ml water. Squeeze the juice from all the lemons and add to the pan. Heat the mixture until it is just boiling, then remove from the pan from the heat and set aside to infuse for 10mins.

4. Preheat the oven to 200oC/Fan 180oC/Gas Mark 6. Roll out the pastry on a lightly floured surface until 3mm thick. Use to line flan tin, carefully pushing the pastry into the base and sides of the tin. Trim the edges and lightly prick the base with a fork.

5. Place the flan tin on a baking sheet, line with crumpled baking parchment and fill with baking beans. Bake for 15mins, then remove the baking beans and bake for a further 10 mins until the pastry case is golden.

6. Whilst this bakes, complete the filling, strain the lemon liquid and discard the zest. In a jug, mix the cornflour, 50g of the caster sugar and 4 tbsp of the lemon liquid to a paste. Stir into the lemon liquid in the pan and bring to the boil, stirring until it boils and thickens.

7. Cook the mixture for 1 min, stirring. Remove from the heat, beat in the cordial, and then stir in the egg yolks. The mixture will become quite runny, but this is fine. Pour the filling into the pastry case and leave it to cool and set.

8. Make the meringue: whisk the egg whites in a clean bowl until they form soft peaks. Gradually add the remaining sugar whisking well between additions until stiff and glossy. Spoon the meringue on top of the lemon filling, covering it completely. Bake for 6-8mins, until the meringue is tinged golden brown. Leave to cool. Serve warm or cold in wedges.