Our winners

Bagatelle: ‘Wyke Farms’ Cheese Hamper

Simran Gibson
SA Yard
Sarah Varey
Wendy Ashworth
Andrea Lambert-Williams
Natasha Hatwell

Bagatelle: A Box of Super ‘Hello Fresh’ Suppers!

Claire Jackson
James Nuttall
Sylvia Dixon
Laura MacDonald
Andrew Ware

Bagatelle: A cake filled Pic-nic Box from Sponge.

Brenda Millard
Tom Dawkins
Fernie Boorman
Petra Beck
Irene Maier
Elaine Fletcher

Bagatelle: A Christmas, veritably, filled with veg for all the family from Parsnips & Pears!

Victoria Hurd

Bagatelle: A delicious bundle of Meragnz from Flower & White

Jennifer Mogridge
Marie Scott
Val Stiles
Elaine Patterson
Lorna Dukes
Claire Growcoot
Tim Brian
Lisa Latham
Douugla Lawson
Amanda Gregory

Bagatelle: A Getaway with ‘Stay in Devon’…

Barbara Crocker

Bagatelle: A Hamper bursting with delicious meals and sides from Mash Direct

Lucy Robinson
Alison Watson

Bagatelle: A thirst queching case of Belvoir beverages.

Karen Young
Stephen Bath
Anne Farrington

Bagatelle: A trio of Belvoir Treats, inc. Cordials, Presse’s and Botanicals.

Linda Williams
Gilian Green
Becky Yeomans
Jenna Rothen
Ms Cummings
Hamish Ramlal
Tony Metcalfe
David Herbert
Ken Taylor
Sue Tyler
Rebecca Nisbet
Sarah Arnett
Anthony Wallace
Robert John
Sinead Gray
Judy Masser
Sheila Alexander
Nicola Cook
Margaret Dunlop
Lisa Williams