Our winners

Lovely O'Clock: “Goodness me!” you’ve won a lovely BABU Bedwell ‘goodness’ BE bracelet!!

Irene Ransom
Rachael Lines
Suzann Woods

Lovely O'Clock: “Hand-Picked” afternoon tea at a lovely hotel

Duncan Nagle
Hester McQueen
Seonaid Katrine Black
Robert Holland
Mr. Kenyon
Helen Fisher
Tracy Kenny
Susan Hill
Stuart Thompson
Jacqueline Roberts

Lovely O'Clock: ‘Gin Glorious Gin; How Mothers Pride became the spirit of London’, book by Olivia Williams (to be read while enjoying Chase Gin and Belvoir Elderflower!)

Jennifer Sandland
Nic Obrien
Paula Trickey
Linda Dempster

Monthly prize draw: ‘Hand Picked’ luxury treats in a Hotel of your choice…

1st Prize: Stay the night in Hand Pick Hotel – Caroline Tonge
2nd Prize: Dinner for 2 at a Hand Picked Hotel – Louise Tetlaw
3rd Prize: Afternoon Tea at a Hand Picked Hotel – Leah Walls


Lovely O'Clock: ‘Outdoor Living’ book, by stylist & author Selina Lake

Richard Barnes
Debs OBrien
Honey McKinley
Katherine Bugg
Joanne Edwards
Frances Morgan
Gail Grimshaw
Claire Williams
Janet McKitterick

Bagatelle: ‘Wyke Farms’ Cheese Hamper

Simran Gibson
SA Yard
Sarah Varey
Wendy Ashworth
Andrea Lambert-Williams
Natasha Hatwell

Lovely O'Clock: 20 ‘Lovely’ Belvoir Cordial Gift Boxes

Toni Quandt
Suzanne Davies
Emma Biddulph
Graham Ball
Rikka Borston
Jayne Millichamp
S Livesey
Matthew Oxby
Iain Pape
Bridget Ayres
Catherine Claasen
Barbara Beazley
Terence Clarke
Stephanie Thornley
Iain Maxwell
Kay Lloyd
Alison Mascall
Kirsty Goddard
Susan Moden
Amanda Fearn

Lovely O'Clock: A Beautiful Bunches.co.uk Bouquet for Mother’s Day.

William Stokes
Jane Hall
Deb Lowe
Janet Webster
Kathy Hudspith
Paul Norman
Pauline Wadsworth

Bagatelle: A Box of Super ‘Hello Fresh’ Suppers!

Claire Jackson
James Nuttall
Sylvia Dixon
Laura MacDonald
Andrew Ware