Our winners

Beautiful Bake-ware from Silverwood

Lynne Boutflower
Marjorie Arnold
Micheala O’sullivan

Cook up a treat with some Sophie Allport baking print Kitchen Textiles.

Christina Olley
Adele Beverley

Get away from it all with a little help from a £150 Niche Retreats voucher…

Felicity Bush
Laura Bowers

Fabulously delicious fudge based treats to feast on from Buttermilk

Julie Clark
K Dunn
Rhiannon Page
Janet Davies
Stacy Lyman

Terrific textiles for your kitchen designed by Emma Bridgewater for The British Textile Co.

Sue Hodges
Lili Hurst
Pam Rayner

Seriously good savory snacks from Arden’s Fine Foods

Jan Bridge
Bernadette Donner
Alice Hudson
Joanne Lovewood
Catherine Boddy
Mr. Nicholas
Lucy Chester
Deirdre McCarthy
Julia Wulff
Christine Hart

Biscuity treats from Mrs Crimbles.

Jennifer Geddes
Heather Tuby
Melissa McKenna
Stephen Hudson
Bruce Jones
Jenny Smith

Be pic-nic ready with Cath Kidston’s new Lolly range – so stylishly summery!

Rosalyn Lewis
Anna Allford
Anna Chamley

With a Summer made for alfresco dining a Judge Cheeseboard is just the ticket!

Frances Stapleton
Colin Penney
Nuala Edwards
Ian Roberts
Carol Greenfield
Kim Smith
Brenda Long
Gaynor Runciman

Get away from it all with a little help from a £150 Original Cottages voucher…

Joanna Orr
Emily Morgan